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Select any colors and put your bascket 8 1-liter-bottles (8 liters in total).
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You'll enjoy Free Shipping !! (US domestic only)
We suggest MakerJuice G+ for general purpose and it's repeatedly tested by the Morpheus 3D Printer Team.

G+ is our general purpose, workhorse resin. It’s extremely hard, easily sanded and painted, and great for all sorts of prints.
This resin is low odor and contains zero VOC.
Each batch of resin we make is quality tested to ensure you get the best quality resin, at a great price!
-Supplied from MakerJuice Lab-

MakerJuice G+ PKG (Free Shipping)

  • YES !

    The total shipping cost will be ZERO.

  • OWL WORKS 3D, LLC is an official reseller of MJL's resin so we have no responsibility for the resin quality and performance we sold at the shop.

    We suggest you to check the information on MakerJuice Lab, Here !

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